Kid’s Quotes

Here’s what the kids have to say about our Comfort Drops: 

 “I learned that everyone has things they’re going through, but if you feel like there is no one to talk to you can always grab a pen and paper and write it out.”  Haajarah, Age 19

“… I have to believe in myself and move on and have faith.”  Skai, Age 19

“I learned that there are people in the world… that want to help if I ever feel discomfort. And I also learned that I don’t have to keep [my] anger inside.” Chasidy, Age 13

“…[I learned] Everybody has a blank page, a story that we’re writing everyday.” Janasia, Age 11

“There is help available, you just need to ask for it.”  Emily, Age 16

by Kaity Amador

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