What's a Comfort Drop?

 comfort bags delivered and counting

What is a Comfort Drop?

A Comfort Drop is our unique program where we personally deliver bedside comfort items and provide youth with an opportunity to discover comfort through inspirational stories and activities.

Pillowcase Decorating

Inspiring children to acknowledge people, places and things that makes them feel good and then illustrating those forms of comfort on a pillowcase. The goal is to provide positive thoughts and reminders at bedtime so children may have better dreams.

Guest Speakers

Bringing in successful guest speakers to deliver testimonies about how to comfort while facing adversity. Our guest speakers are carefully selected and many share relatable experiences of being in foster care or experiencing homelessness in their childhood.


Youth learn to manage stress through healthy movement, meditation and relaxation. Breathing techniques are shared for children to use who may struggle with impulsive behavior and/or distracting living environments.

Journey to Journaling

Inspiring teens to use journaling as a healthy coping mechanism. Writing prompts are given out to help release stress and inspire thoughts of their future.

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