About Us

Who We Are

Precious Dreams Foundation was founded in 2012 by Nicole Russell and Angie Medina and supports the well being of foster and homeless children by using a special technique focused on using bedtime necessities and positive reinforcement to empower children to recognize and focus on their dreams.

Meet the Board

Joseph Belluck


Bernadette Catalana

Jason Humble

Yuliana Bravo

Steven Carter

Julie Evans


Ryan Grant

Kenneth Halperin

Susan Kraizgrun

Nicole Russell

Co Founder/Executive Director

Judy Yavitz

Junior Board

Desiree Lopez

Lenise Harris

Kimberly Wilson

Cieanne Everett

Our Partners

Precious Dreams Foundation is lucky to have like-minded and selfless partners. We all share an urge to give comfort to underserved youth and the generosity of our sponsors assist us in our efforts to provide a good night’s sleep.

Contributors of $5,000+ in Funding and/or In-Kind Donations:

Alex Brands

Arnold Penner


First Books

Joe Belluck

Gene Friedman


The Prince Team



Under Armour

Warlander Asset Management


Jurish Family Fund

Simmons Form