Sleep Support

Safe sleep for babies

Baby Sleep and Care Program
Traumatic experiences, such as neglect, abuse, or separation from caregivers, can disrupt the establishment of secure attachment bonds and create feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty in infants. Babies may exhibit sleep disturbances such as frequent night awakenings, nightmares, and difficulties in settling down. Creating a secure and consistent sleep environment becomes essential to help babies feel safe and supported during sleep.
National Distribution
The Precious Dreams Foundation annually distributes numerous bedtime comfort items and coping tools to newborns, teen moms and children in the foster care and homeless shelter system. Our signature comfort bags, filled with pajamas, age-appropriate coping tools, and comforting items, aim to provide a sense of peace for the little ones. Our local chapter volunteers actively coordinate drives and host bag assembly events to ensure distribution wherever there is a need.
a sleeping baby holding a stuffed bear
Group photo of a comfort drop