Our Story

At Precious Dreams Foundation, we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working with state and local facilities, along with community partners, to deliver crucial services and enriching programs for youth as they enter, exit and transition through the foster care and homeless shelter system. We have a powerful vision: a world where every child and young adult can find solace and dream big. Youth build resilience through our intervention programs, inspiring healthy coping techniques, holistic healing and pathways to success and independence. 

group photo of volunteers dropping off comfort items

Our Story - A Black-Founded Nonprofit Organization
In 2012, our journey began, drawing inspiration from the challenging experiences of Miracle, who was then a four-year-old girl from Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Notably, Miracle holds a special place under the care of our co-founder, Nicole Russell. Witnessing her struggles to find inner comfort, Nicole and her mother, Angie, were deeply moved and determined to make a profound difference for children facing similar obstacles. Co-founder Angie Medina, drawing from her own life's encounter with housing insecurity, also played a pivotal role in shaping our mission. These powerful experiences ignited a passion to address the pressing need for sleep support and mental health awareness among vulnerable youth enduring significant trauma.
Our Values
The Precious Dreams Foundation's work is guided by the values of INCLUSIVITY, IMPACT, EQUITY, COLLABORATION, and RESPECT. Championing equity, we are unwavering in our commitment to justice, ensuring that every child and young adult in foster care and homeless shelters receives the support and care they deserve.

Built on the support of professionals with relatable experience and a shared passion for improving the lives of the youth we serve, this aids our ability to recognize and nurture the needs of children who disproportionately suffer from unstable housing conditions.
Our Outreach
As our network grows, so does our impact. Our dedicated volunteers lead in our chapter cities, spreading our mission far and wide. In partnership with foster homes and homeless shelters across nine cities, we champion self-comfort and resilience, creating positive change in young lives and new communities. Join us in this journey of hope and transformation, where every dream is cherished and every child's potential is nurtured.
Demographic Served
Precious Dreams Foundation serves children and young adults impacted by the foster care system and/or homelessness.
94% of the youth
We serve fall into the BIPOC category (Black, Indigenous, People of Color).
August 7, 2023