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Precious Dreams Foundation Teams Up With NYC ACS To Launch ‘Comfort Shop’ For Foster Youth‍
Precious Dreams Foundation Teams Up With NYC ACS To Launch ‘Comfort Shop’ For Foster Youth‍

MARCH 28, 2024

Precious Dreams Foundation— the organization which provides sleep support, teaches healthy coping mechanisms, and helps youth in foster care and homeless shelters uncover paths to fostering their dreams.

In addition, the NYC Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) announced a new “Comfort Shop” for youth in foster care at the Nicholas Scoppetta Children’s Center. The Nicholas Scoppetta Children’s Center is a child-friendly facility that operates 24 hours a day, temporarily housing children and youth who are awaiting foster care placement.

The Comfort Shop is specially designed as a sanctuary of solace for children. Stocked with premium items and mental health resources aimed to promote a better sleep, the Comfort Shop includes: stuffed animals, plush pajamas, cozy socks, expressive journals, inspirational books, soothing scents, and other essentials for children to choose from.

“With our new Comfort Shop, we’re not just offering comfort; we’re helping to improve the initial experience for youth in NYC’s foster care system,” explains Nicole Russell, Founder & Executive Director of Precious Dreams Foundation. “These high-quality comfort items help children rest easier in a new and unfamiliar place. We’re determined to give them a soft place to land ensuring they feel cared for, supported, and seen at a difficult and uncertain time in their lives.”

“It is of the utmost importance to ACS that children in our care are provided caring, nurturing environments that help them feel safe, welcome and cared for,” said ACS Commissioner Jess Dannhauser. “We’re pleased to partner with Precious Dreams to ensure the children and youth who come to the Children’s Center have access to comforting items during what can be a very challenging time.”

In addition to the array of premium items, Precious Dreams Foundation will host trauma-informed workshops, uplifting events, and motivational speakers in the Comfort Shop, fostering a nurturing environment where youth can find healing and learn healthy independent coping techniques.

Since its inception in 2012, the foundation has been committed to equipping young people with the tools they need to be well, offering free access to yoga, meditation, journaling workshops, mentorship programs, and accountability partners. The foundation’s core motto is simple yet powerful: to help all children sleep well, dream big, and follow through.

To support the Precious Dreams Foundation mission and to learn more about the Comfort Shop please visit www.preciousdreamsfoundation.org

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